Devil Lash Mascara

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Devil Lash Mascara


| Description

Password: ULTRA. Exaggerated volume and length, defying expectations: Devil Lashes Mascara won’t disappoint. It uses powerful allies to create the “wow” effect: carnauba wax to guarantee individual eyelash definition and extra length and polymers that make for a sensational hold.
The curved-profile brush allows you to follow the natural curvature of the eyelashes and its slim shape and softly pointed tip enable you to capture them all in a single brushstroke, from base to tip.
In addition, the brush’s short fibers ensure the eyelashes come into contact with the bulk deposited on the inside of the applicator: the secret of enhanced color release. Ultra-black, ultra-intense.

Ultra volume and length Ultra hold h24 Curved pipe cleaner

Approved by EEC/FDA/JPN Legislation
Ophthalmologically Tested
No added parabens

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